Best “Stress Management Strategy" For 10th Class Students To Score Top Marks

stress management strategy

Soon all the 10th class students across the country will go to face their first hurdle of their education life. It is natural that students get stressed out due to the pressure of the board examination which can ruin your entire hard work which you have done in the whole year to score meritorious marks in your first board exam. We understand the mental situation friends through which you are going so here we are delivering some best stress management tips to control your mind pressure and give your best output. Everyone has their own reasons to get freak out from the 10th board exam but if you get over it there is no one who can stop you to get good grades.

Students studying in the 10th class are in the age of puberty so hormonal changes also affect their mind and due to this they couldn̢۪t concentrate on their studies properly. If you can control it and use it in a positive way then it will be beneficial for you. Everyone one knows their weak point like bad handwriting, learning problem, stress out etc so don̢۪t hesitate and try to resolve it as you have very little time left for your board examination. So students must be ready and well prepared with the correct and effective stress management strategy should be must. So, check it out how you can design a perfect stress management strategy to score top marks in the 10th board examination.

Top Stress Mangement Strategies For 10th Students:- 

1. Evaluate Your Stress Triggers

Evalute Your Stress Triggers

10th board exam gives more anxiety than teachers as they have to face the sick teen child to an average one with the constant learning planning. Every student have their own skills and personality and based on this these parameters their precipitating stress strategy is also different. Like, sometimes you may feel the stress when teachers suddenly ask you a question or when you are studying and couldn't recognize it later or the pressure of the board exam make you depressed. You need to figure it out asap as the 10th exam are knocking on your door so you must be well prepared. Plan a strategy and follow it delicately it will surely going to have an affect on your board examination.

2. Meditation

Meditation - Tips to reduce stress

The best way to release your mind burden or stress is 10 minutes meditation daily. Sounds simple and can help with your stress levels. Students preparing for the board exam having full of mind pressure so it is necessary for them to get rid of it. As it hardly takes 10-15 minutes of your day. It is worthful if in 10th minutes you get fresh and filled with new energy.

It simply makes you relax and calm by sending the proper oxygen to your lungs which pass it through your bloodstream help you to beat the stress.

3. Proper Sleep

Proper Sleep - Tips to Reduce Stress

Students preparing for the board examination will try to give their best and for that they study late nights and take less rest. This will not going to increase your productivity. Make a schedule in which you must have a sleep of 8 hours. As sleep is the best medicine to release your stress. Instead of spending time on the social media one should concentrate on their sleep as the board examination are near so take our advice and stay away socially.

4. Listen To Your Favourite Collection

Listen Music - Reduce Stress

Listening to your favourite tracks makes a better frame of mind as it relaxes your mind and freshens you up. After a 2-3 hours study a break must be taken to calm down your nerves so what's better than music?

5. Intake of Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet - Reduce Exam Stress

During exam time students must go for the healthy section like fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits keep you fresh all day and maintain the energy level of your body through which you can concentrate more on your studies. Fruits like oranges, apple, pineapple contain vitamin C which is good for the immunity system of our body and also helps to precipitate the stress.

6. Daily Exercise

Daily Exercise reduce stress

As exam are on the doors keep being fit is also an important thing for the students. Go out for a play at least once in a week as it is a stress buster and give you energy to work effectively the whole week. Dance is also a kind of exercise which help you to reduce the stress level. Daily 30 minutes exercise will put a great affect on your schedule and also make you more productive.

7. Take Short Breaks During Study

Short Breks - Improve productivity

Studying continuously will reduce your power to learn so it is beneficial to take small breaks of 10-15 minutes in two hours. In those 15 minutes, you can charge yourself to get ready for the next 2 hours by doing favourite activities like dancing or listen to your favourite tracks. When we are happy our body releases hormones which relax us and help to reduce the stress.  

8. Handwriting Practise

Handwriting Practise - Tips

As this is a high time and 10th class students have a lot to cover from their syllabus but this issue is to be resolved as it will give an adverse effect on your exam result. You don't need to take out time for it separately. While you are learning something make it a habit to learn it while writing, it will enhance your writing speed and handwriting also.

Stress is not only bad for the health but it is like chaos. So it is necessary to work on it. Afterwards, it will grow with you and make an adverse impact on your life. So control the stress by taking some steps by proper stress management strategy, after it you will feel drastic changes in you. We request all the young students to follow these strategies to get the good result in your exams.

Make a proper scheduling of your routine and work according to it. Through this you feel fresh and charged up whole day by enjoying your studies. Be wish you guys all the very best for your 10th board exam. If anyone has any kind of query they are most welcome to ask through their valuable comments. Thank You!

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